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As a beginner-level Shona learner, we offer you 3 fantastic choices. A free Shona course by email, a 10 Week Course by E-Book or a comprehensive Shona For Beginners course which contains Audio and the full E-Book.

The free Shona course is an email course. You will receive the first lesson after you subscribe, then a new email each week.

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We now offer a 10 week course in a Shona For Beginners Ebook for only $9.99. This 10 week course contains over 32 topics, giving you excellent value for money.

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The Shona For Beginners course contains the following topics.

Introduction to Shona

Introduction to the Shona for Beginner’s Course
Useful expressions

Shona Grammar - Part 1

Useful grammar
Some commonly used expressions
To know (versions of)

Shona Greetings  

Commonly used words
First encounter greetings
Greetings between two children
Greetings between an adult and a child
Greetings between two children
Afternoon and evening greetings
Extended Greetings
To be (Present tense)
Taking leave
Some Vocabulary

Shona Grammar - Part 2

Possessive stems used in introductions
Introduction using ‘zita’(name)
Introduction using nzi
Getting to know each other
Further Vocabulary
Further Grammar

Shona Discussions

Marital Status
To Have
Telephone Number

Shona Grammar - Part 3

Comparatives/Superlatives relating to Family and Age
To Speak

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